About Us

Email: artisanguitarepair@gmail.com        Phone: 608-738-2497

I provide retro fit pickguards for acoustic and electric guitars, using the most beautiful wood veneer I can find. I am discontent with the use of plastic as a pickguard material and find the beauty, variety, and protection of wood to be a much better choice. I am also a Luthier since 1984 having built eleven acoustics and five electrics along with about 150 cigar box instruments I call the BroJo. From 1997 to 2003, I repaired fretted instruments as an independent contractor in store for Light's Music Center in Eugene, Oregon until they closed their doors,  and afterward as Artisan Guitar Repair which I still loosely run with occasional repairs since we moved from Oregon to Wisconsin. I am a detailed oriented craftsman and take pride in my work which means I'm going to give my best to make you happy!

As a Luthier, I have also had opportunity to build some fun, interesting instruments. My favorite was a commissioned Banjo Bass. It's a full size stand up String Bass made from a marching band kick drum. And it's purdy kewl. It is on youtube right HERE.

Thanks for checking out my site. Now go play some guitar!

Roger Wendover