Roger Wendover - Luthier

Email:        Phone: 608-738-2497

I am  a Luthier since 1984 having built eleven acoustics and five electrics along with about 150 cigar box instruments I call the BroJo.

From 1997 to 2003, I repaired fretted instruments as an in-store independent contractor for Light's Music Center in Eugene, Oregon until they closed their doors,  and afterward as Artisan Guitar Repair which I still loosely run with occasional repairs since we moved from Oregon to Wisconsin in 2009. 

In 2004, with the help of John Polk (RIP), from Terrapin Guitars, I launched focusing on offering beautiful wood veneer pickguards, mostly for electric guitar and bass, while John focused on plastic guards of all kinds.  My earlier acoustic pickguards were exclusively double ply with a thickness of apx. .036. but after experimenting with single ply wood veneer in 2011, I  launched the ThinWood guards from my newest website,

As a Luthier, I have also had opportunity to build some fun, interesting instruments. My favorite was a commissioned Banjo Bass. It's a full size stand up String Bass made from a marching band kick drum. And it's purdy kewl. It is on youtube right HERE.

Thanks for checking out my site. Now go play some guitar!

Roger Wendover