Choosing the Correct Taylor Shape


  • To my knowledge, their are four basic shapes that Taylor uses for their pickguards depending on which model you own. Even though you may use this as a reference, please confirm the shape by printing out a full scale PDF file which is linked in each product description or below.
  • TA5 has a 5 inch diameter rosette as you will find on the 800 and 600 series. You will also find this on the Koa (K) series. It is HERE.
  • TA55 has 3 shapes, A B C and all have a 5 1/2 inch diameter rosette.  A pdf file showing all three is HERE. They are also available individually. A B C
  • Adjusting your printer settings to insure your PDF is printing full scale will depend on your individual printer properties. Usually it will be called 'scaling' which should be 100% or 'fit to page' should be turned off. Printers vary in their Properties dialogue but this is very important to get a full size print.